About Rescue Tech

RESCUE TECHNOLOGY™ was founded in 1982 to provide rescuers with a quality source for Rope Rescue and other Technical Rescue Equipment. We worked hand-in-hand with manufacturers during the developmental years of technical rope rescue and saw a significant change in the rescue field.

Stronger ropes, rescue-grade hardware, harnesses, and slings were developed. Standards, such as NFPA 1983, were written. New rescue techniques provided for more straightforward and safer rescues. We are proud of our role in the formative years of technical rescue.

Featured Products

Rescue Access lifeline Rescue Rope

Rescue tech build their ropes from ground up, being able to provide a super-strong rope with low stretch and excellent flexibility. The ropes actually handle better after 6 months of use than competitors manufacturers ropes.

Rescue tech specifically address the issue of sheath slippage when constructing all of their top quality Rescue Ropes. All ropes of the same diameter will perform identically, making multi-rope systems much easier to control.

  • Certified by the Underwriters Laboratories to NFPA 1983.
  • Available in 10 color combination.
  • This rope can be purchased in the standard spool length or per foot for custom lengths.
  • Rescue Tech Ropes come in a variety of sizes from 3/8″ ,  7/16″,  1/2″,  5/8″ look at the chart for more information.

Vanguard G2

The VANGUARD G2™ harness is the 2nd Generation of Recuse tech most popular Technical rescue harnesses. Features new geometry to better share rear loads with the waist and leg. The new waist pad design is built with Aerospacer ™ mesh. The padding pulls moisture away from the body and helps cool the rescuer. Designed for function and comfort.

Made in U.S.A. SEI Certified to NFPA 2500/1983.

Vanguard G2-Clik

The Vanguard-Clik™ is the next version of the popular Vanguard harness. It has an added Clik-Lok buckles to the legs to assist in quick-donning of this harness. It has retained the 2-piece buckles on the waist for ease of adjustment and side entry donning. The same high strength and quality as the original Vanguard.

Made in U.S.A. SEI Certified to NFPA 2500/1983.

Wired Basket Stretcher

Traditional design wire basket stretcher manufactured from rugged 5/8″ tubular steel frame with 3/16″ x 3/4″ flat steel braces. Hexagon mesh netting (18 gauge). They are used with either a four or 6-point litter bridle. They are tested to 1500 lbs. The Plastisol version is coated with a protective plastic covering for extra corrosion resistance. Comes with 4 non-rescue-rated patient straps. 

Rescue Randy

Molded of durable vinyl plastic. Built with 4,200 lbf. test plastic coated cables. Articulated Joints. Weight distribution according to human weight distribution chart. Used by U.S. Military, Fire and Police Departments, Safety Teams, and Emergency personnel for rescue and extrication. Ideal for Tower, Confined Space and Trench Rescue.