Tempest BB-16 Battery Blower – W/ Removable Battery

AUTONOMOUS: Equipped with a battery, the. BB-16 allows operations to be carried out independently. In addition, it does not need to be connected to a power source, which avoids another accident to occur due to cables dragging on the ground.

COMPACT AND MOBILE: Lightweight and equipped with a carrying handle and strap, it is portable by one person. Folds up and stows easily in the trunk of a vehicle. Two BB-16’s occupy the space of one conventional fan.

QUICK AND EASY SET-UP: BB-16 is quicker to set-up than conventional fans. Thanks to its battery, BB-16 is completely autonomous and can be started instantly without wasting time looking for a power outlet.



Adjustable tilt from +65° to -90° with locking system 

Integrated variable-speed drive 

10 LEDs to illuminate the walkway in front of the blower 

Built-in charger: charge during operation 

Battery charge indicator 

Secure (flat) keypad to control all functions (no fragile button to turn for setting speed) 

Low maintenance: 1 full charge every 6 weeks 

Designed to be connected with ducts, foam adapter, and rehab misting device 

Integrated variable-speed drive 

It can be used: 

Indoor and outdoor: IP66 

For PPV, alone or combined with other fans 

For blowing or extraction through ducts 

As a foam generator with adapter 

for rehab of the crew after an intervention