“Sam Houston” (N6A) Leather Fire Helmet

The only 100% hand-crafted leather helmet shell that meets the most recent structural firefighting certification level and is NFPA-compliant.

Hand crafted, hand shaped, hand stitched and hand trimmed to meet today’s standards. With over 165 years of dependable performance, Cairns have been a manufacturer of the leather firefighting helmet since 1836. The Houston helmet retains the same authentic look and quality that generations of firefighters have relied on. Made with the added protection necessary for today’s standards of safety in the firefighting industry, in your choice of silk-screened 6-inch front holder on standard configuration or carved brass eagle 6-inch front holder on deluxe configuration. The durable leather shell lasts for years with minimum maintenance. Features a non-corroding, high temperature glass filled polymer faceshield/goggle hardware and soft, black Nomex chinstrap with one-hand quick release buckle and postman slide that allows quick and easy adjustment. Offers choice of Nomex or Pbi/Kevlar earlap for increased neck/ear coverage and protection, as well as a choice of removable flannel or leather cushion liners for washing and upgrading that provides greater ease and comfort. An engineered impact cap provides advanced thermal/impact/penetration protection. The larger diameter hanger fits on larger hooks and racks.

NOTE:  “Natural” leather helmets are not NFPA 1971 compliant.  Also, N6A helmets with “bourkes only” are not NFPA 1971 compliant.  Helmets with bourkes require NFPA compliant eye protection (i.e. goggles) to meet NFPA approval.

Additional information

Natural, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green

Eye Protection

Bourkes, Bourkes/Goggles, FaceShield

Ear Lap

Nomex (Yellow), Nomex (Black), PBI/Kelvar

Front Holder

Carved Eagle, Silk-Screened Eagle, Silk-Screened Maltese Cross


Medium, Large