Rescue 42 TeleCrib® Struts

Lighter, Stronger Composite TeleCrib® Struts Save Lives

Vehicle • Machinery • Aircraft • Light Structural

TeleCrib® struts are a lightweight, compact, telescoping stabilization tool designed for rescuer and patient safety during extrication.

4X as Strong as Steel Struts

Rescue 42 is the only rescue company to manufacture struts using DuPont™ Kevlar® infused composite material, making the TeleCrib® struts about half the weight of steel struts and 4X as strong.



• Strut tubes are made of an advanced composite infused with Kevlar® fiber making them lightweight, but 4x stronger than steel
• Composite tubes are resistant to environmental and chemically corrosive materials (battery acid, salts, water, fuels, etc.) and offer exceptional impact resistance. Tubes are electrically non-conductive.
• 18,000 lb max working load with 2:1 safety factor
• Fully collapsing struts are ultra compact for storage
• No couplings, twist locks or guess work – just slide out as much strut as you need and pin it. Simple design is easy to use reduces training time.
• Removable Strut Jack turns any strut into an 8,000 lb ram
• Universal Combi-head with piercing point, 3/8″ chain slot, 2×4 / 2×6 center support with nail holes reduces response time, no fumbling around looking for the right accessory head
• Large, yellow, glove friendly pins – easy to use and find when dropped
• Safety interlock system prevents over-extension of strut tubes
• Removable Base Plate articulates 180˚, accepts ratchet strap hooks or pickets
• Comprehensive kits include accessories to accommodate advanced stabilization needs
• Proudly manufactured in the USA

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