R 522 E3 Ram (Also available with Connect)

Brute force with brainy tech — and now it’s connected to the cloud.



There’s no match for this bold ram.

The new R 522 E3 Connect ram performs brilliantly on land and off. With up to 59.2 inches of extension in length, you’ll have plenty of space to perform an efficient rescue in a limited time. This cordless ram is your go-to for all kinds of rescue missions — land or water, salt or fresh.

> E3 CONNECT automatically receives and stores tool and battery data and transfer this data via WiFi to a secure cloud

> Errors are detected early and maintenance can be scheduled within Captium™, reducing potential tool down time

> Tool use documentation is automatic with E3 CONNECT, reducing valuable inspection time

> E3 Connect offers more operational readiness than ever before

> Internet must be available for new tool features to work

> Durable in fresh and salt water with its watertight design

> Smart dashboard displays live visual tool feedback

> Power levels and battery charge status at a glance

> Detects and reveals when a saltwater-capable battery has been installed

> New turbo function allows for a faster rescue

> Brushless DC electrical motor runs efficiently with a high performance for a long battery life

> Quieter

> Two LED lights illuminate the front of the tool

> Large waterproof battery (9Ah) with IP68 protection class

> Sharp claws that rotate 360 degrees


  • Length Retracted: 24.7 in / 627 mm
  • Length Extended: 59.2 in / 1,503 mm
  • Width: 5.51 in / 140 mm
  • Height: 12.9 in / 327 mm
  • Weight: 44.8 lbs / 20.3 kg
  • Stroke Piston:  117.8 in / 451 mm
  • HSF Piston: 128,600 lbs / 127 kN
  • Stroke Piston: 216.7 in / 425 mm
  • HSF Piston: 213,500 lbs / 60 kN
  • Stroke Overall: 34.5 in / 876 mm