Hurst SP-300 Spreader (high pressure)

The NEW SP300 Spreader from Hurst offers the ideal balance of strength, blade opening and low weight. The newly designed diamond tips offer exceptional grip, while the compact size allows for optimum handling.



Features & Benefits
Ideally designed for vehicle extrication
Compact size and easy handling for time-critical rescues
Extremely flat tips to penetrate the narrowest gaps
Diamond tips provide maximum grip

Technical Data
Spreading Force: up to 25,200 lbs
Pulling Force: up to 6,295 lbs
Spreading Distance: 23.8 in. (605 mm)
Length: 29.5 in. (750 mm)
Width: 14.0 in. (355 mm)
Height: 10.0 in. (255 mm)
Weight: 37.5 lbs (17 kg)