Hurst MOC Combi Tool

Whoever said ‘you can’t have it all’ has never crossed paths with Hurst’s MOC Combination tool. Looking for spreading force of nearly 57,998 pounds? Here it is. Need more than 120,000 pounds of cutting force? Check. How about a pulling force that tops out past 19,000 pounds? It’s all here.


Technical Data

Length 34.06in/865mm
Width 11.03in/280mm
Height 7.49in/190mm
Weight 53.2lbs/24.1kg
Spreading Distance 16.6in/422mm
Max Spreading Force 57,998lbs/258Kn
Max Pulling Force 19,108lbs/85Kn
NFPA HSF 9,891lbs/44Kn
NFPA LSF 7,643lbs/34Kn
NFPA HPF 14,162lbs/63Kn
NFPA LPF 11,015lbs/49Kn
Max Cutting Force 120,268lbs/535Kn
NFPA Cutter Rating A7/B9/C7/D9/E9
NFPA 1936 2010 Compliant Yes