New material technology enables all-new athletic design with stretch fabrics that allow closer, body-contoured fit to provide unprecedented range of motion with less bulk, more flexibility, and lighter weight.


LOWER RISE, LESS BULKY DESIGN fits closer to your body, and deeper fly opening permits quicker and easier donning and doffing.
ADJUSTABLE BELT CLOSURE makes the pants fit like jeans or can be replaced by your choice of Class 2 Seat Harnesses or Personal Escape Belt, initially or down the road.
BANDED INSEAM DESIGN allows stretch in all directions and reduces binding in the crotch.
STRETCH PANELS in the thermal liner work with the stretch outer shell to provide maximum range of motion and minimum restriction.
ELASTICIZED SIDES provide flexible, more athletic fit at the waist.
ARTICULATED KNEES with cathedral knee patches and SILIZONE® knee pads are built for unrestricted and protected crawling.
ANGLED SIDE POCKETS WITH GRIP TABS for easier access to all your stuff in the minimum amount of time.
PADDED H-BACK RIPCORD SUSPENDERS attach to horizontal loops, so there is no metal hardware to dig in or pull out.
LINER ACCESS OPENING allows for easy access between the layers.
REVERSE BOOT CUT is shorter in the back, to avoid premature cuff wear.