Fire Rake (52 inch Wooden Handle)

Sometimes referred to as “Tool, Rake and Cutting”. Durable forestry tool for chopping, raking, moving underbrush, vines, etc. Originally developed by Council Tool Company in the 1920’s working with forestry personnel. Designed for construction of fire lines during controlled burns and wildfires. Shipped knocked down. 



  • Made in USA.  
  • Triangular shaped tool steel cutting teeth (4), specially sharpened and hardened.  
  • Securely riveted to a tough angle iron structural member.  
  • Red enamel coating on body, teeth are natural steel finish coated to deter rust.  
  • Tamp down style handle socket. Can break down easily for storage and handling.  
  • 52-inch American ash handle. This material produces long, straight grain and provides strength, flexibility and memory. Round eye detail.  
  • Produced in accordance with USDA Forest Service Specification 5100-284C dated January 1, 2000 or latest revision thereof.