eDRAULIC™ S799E2 Cutter

The best rescue cutter ever designed.

This eDRAULIC® cutter can’t wait to get its blades around today’s bigger, stronger, meaner steel with an 8.03-inch opening. It has no problems with modern B posts and tool swing challenges aren’t a problem when cutting A and B posts either — just cut them easily at a comfortable perpendicular angle. This cutter is so strong it gets an NFPA rating of 9 in all categories, making it the best in class.

•  Wide blade opening at 8.03 inches
•  An NFPA rating of 9 for all categories
•  Reduces tool swing challenges
•  Each tool comes with two batteries and one charger
•  If needed, you can plug it in for limitless power with the eDRAULIC 110V adapter