Centurion 3% / 6% AR-AFFF Foam

Environmentally responsible Centurion is the next gen- eration in Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF). This new formulation demonstrates National Foam’s commitment to superior flexibility, firefighting per- formance, and environmental responsibility.


Centurion is used at 3% concentration to extinguish hydrocarbon fires, and 6% for polar-solvent (water-mis- cible) fires. It is suitable for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguishing agents.

Centurion 3%/6% is an AR-AFFF concentrate with a spe- cial biosynthesized polymer. This polymer is designed to fulfill two functions. The first is to form a protective membrane between the fuel and the foam as it contacts the water-miscible fuel, making extinguishment possible. The second function is to make the foam more stable and heat-resistant, resulting in better burnback resistance and sealability compared to conventional AFFF’s. The concentrate formulation is recognized by United States Patents 4,999,119 and 5,207,932.


Centurion 3%/6% is used in fire suppression systems and manual applications to fight a broad range of Class B fires. Its versatility simplifies the extinguishment of unknown Class B fuels. Typical applications include stor- age tanks, loading racks, docks, process areas, ware- houses, spills, etc. Centurion can also be used as a wetting agent in combating Class A fires.

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5-Gallon Pail, 55-Gallon Drum, 275-Gallon Tote