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Rescue Access lifeline Rescue Rope

Rescue tech build their ropes from ground up, being able to provide a super-strong rope with low stretch and excellent flexibility. The ropes actually handle better after 6 months of use than competitors manufacturers ropes.

Rescue tech specifically address the issue of sheath slippage when constructing all of their top quality Rescue Ropes. All ropes of the same diameter will perform identically, making multi-rope systems much easier to control.

  • Certified by the Underwriters Laboratories to NFPA 1983.
  • Available in 10 color combination.
  • This rope can be purchased in the standard spool length or per foot for custom lengths.
  • Rescue Tech Ropes come in a variety of sizes from 3/8″ ,  7/16″,  1/2″,  5/8″ look at the chart for more information.

AXIS 11mm

Low stretch kernmantel rope with good handling

Low stretch kernmantel rope with a standard diameter that ensures a good grip for easier handling. The EverFlex technology guarantees great flexibility and consistent performance over time. Rope available in three lengths.