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Snap-tite Gladiator

The Gladiator Classic is a premier hose which has a polyester outside jacket that encompasses a very durable nitrile-through-the-weave inside liner. Built to last, the rugged hose is constructed with extruded through-the-weave nitrile rubber liner with a durable outer polyester jacket providing incredible strength and long-lasting performance. The Gladiator performs well at high or low pressures, has a smooth and enhanced waterway for better flows and less kinking than other products on the market. 


Designed for large volume water supply where light weight and low drag coefficient are critical.



Designed specifically for aggressive firefighting applications with true diameter waterways.  


KrackenExo (Super II)

The KrackenEXO SUPER II™ is the most advanced double jacketed 2” (51mm) attack hose capable of delivering targeted flows of 210-300 GPM with up to 30% less weight*.



Designed for aggressive fire fighting applications where durability coupled with lightweight, excellent low-pressure kink resistance and superior water flow are critical