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M 40 E3 Spreader (Also available with Connect)

Watertight design and up-to-the-minute feedback.

R 422 E2 Ram

Everyone needs a little more ram.

R 421 E2 Ram

Packs a punch, a 53-inch-long punch.

SC 258 E2 Combi Tool

The lightweight superhero gets faster.

SC 358 E2 Combi Tool

It combines cutting, spreading and being unstoppable, all in one tool.

SC 758 E2 Combi Tool

We just one-upped ourselves.

SP 777 E2 Spreader

The most powerful 32-inch battery-powered spreader on the market.

SP 555 E2 Spreader

The spreader that weighs less but gives you so much more.

SP 333 E2 Spreader

It’s stronger, lighter on its feet and a flat-out unstoppable spreader.

S 377 E2 Cutter

This cutter is like a great white on steroids.

S 788 E2 Cutter

The wide-opening S 788 E2 devours anything in its way.

S 799 E2 Cutter

This cutter takes a huge bite.