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Tempest BB-16 Battery Blower – W/ Removable Battery

AUTONOMOUS: Equipped with a battery, the. BB-16 allows operations to be carried out independently. In addition, it does not need to be connected to a power source, which avoids another accident to occur due to cables dragging on the ground.

COMPACT AND MOBILE: Lightweight and equipped with a carrying handle and strap, it is portable by one person. Folds up and stows easily in the trunk of a vehicle. Two BB-16’s occupy the space of one conventional fan.

QUICK AND EASY SET-UP: BB-16 is quicker to set-up than conventional fans. Thanks to its battery, BB-16 is completely autonomous and can be started instantly without wasting time looking for a power outlet.

VS-1.2 Tech Series Battery Power Blower w/ Folding Handle

The Tempest® Tech Series is an innovative line of positive pressure blowers featuring ergonomic design features and leading edge motor technology and performance. Tech Series blowers are engineered for performance, durability, versatility, and ease of use. The VS-1.2 battery-driven blower features a taller fold down handle to make deployment and storage easier. It delivers a level of utility and performance found with no other battery-driven blower.

Super Vac’s 7 Series Fans

The 7 Series electric fan has proven itself for many decades as a fire department favorite, featuring a durable steel-frame, roll-cage design with 4-position tilt frame with lever.


( Image represents the model 720GC )

Super Vac’s Milwaukee Battery – Powered Fans

Compatibility — system wide. Super Vac’s lineup of Milwaukee-battery powered fans joins the Milwaukee® M18 battery system to bring you more than 200 power tools, including stabilization and lifting, to the job site and fire ground.

Featuring a lightweight 16” variable-speed fan and Super Vac’s easy-to-maneuver 18” Milwaukee battery fan and a all-new powerful 20″ battery fan addition. This PPV is the perfect addition to your crew’s arsenal. Finally, the industry can turn to a ventilation fan with a trusted battery name that pairs with Super Vac’s dependable history.

Super Vac’s DeWalt® Battery – Powered Fans

Super Vac’s lineup of DeWalt battery-powered fans includes our lightweight 16” variable-speed fan and Super Vac’s easy-to-maneuver 18” DeWalt battery fan and a all-new powerful 20″ battery fan addition.

All work with dual 9ah or 12ah DeWalt FLEXVOLT batteries — the same batteries powering many of the shoring, extrication and forcible entry tools found on today’s fire ground, making this one of the best battery fans on the market.