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Ventmaster® K1 Pace Fire Rescue Cutoff Saws

VentMaster® Fire rescue saws deliver the absolute best in cutting performance, built specifically for the fire service. This high power battery cutter has the power and performance you expect from equivalent gas-powered cutters. Ergonomic and user-friendly with low vibrations, optimally balanced machine and zero direct emissions.

Powered by Husqvarna PACE battery system with high power and fast charging for impressive productivity and a well-suited match with our specially designed battery blade range for maximized cutting depth and optimized performance.

Ventmaster® 572HD Fire Rescue Chainsaws

Tested in the world’s most rugged environments, the 572HD® is ready for demanding work by Fire Fighters. At just 14.5lbs, the 5721HD® has a better power-to-weight ratio and 12% higher culling capacity than the previous 576HD® model. Excellent cooling and heavy-duty filtration maximize reliability, while a smart design accommodates longer guide bars.

Elevator Keys

Each key is on its own split ring for easy removal of individual keys. Manufactured to conform with the majority of elevator manufacturer access keys. Keys are hard anodized in a gold color plated to resist rust. 

12 keys Included

26″ Firemaxx

Fire Hooks Unlimited FireMaxx Tool 14 in 1 features in a one piece Firefighting Tool is versatile & dependable! This tool is one piece drop forged and treated with self extinguishing celtex grips.

Halligan Style Forcible Entry 30 inch

The Council version of the Halligan tool is the newest addition to the forcible entry line. This forcible entry tool is drop forged in one piece from 4140 alloy steel Working ends are heat treated for maximum strength, toughness and wear resistance   

Roof Hook


  • All-purpose head
  • Aircraft steel shaft
  • Chisel end
  • Celtex grips

Talon Hook


  • Lightweight all-steel head and pole
  • Halligan Claw hook for prying, pulling, and forcible entry
  • NY Roof style Talon Hook head is specially tapered for a variety of uses
  • Features Celtex grips at middle of tool for efficient handling
  • Can be purchased in variety of sizes of 5ft, 6ft, 7ft up to 8ft.

Pro Bar

Pro Bar Features:

  • Halligen type entry tool recognized worldwide; the most utilized tool in the fire and rescue service today; 30″ in length and industry standard.
  • Drop forged, one piece of construction alloy steel.
  • The fork, adz, and point are designed with proper lengths, widths, and taper to enable easy penetration for maximum leverage.

PARATECH Hooligan Tool

Standard Claw with Electroless Nickel Finish

The Paratech Hooligan Tool has set the standard of excellence for Halligan type tools. Now available with a machined alloy shaft for lighter weight, these heavy- duty tools were designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist, and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency service personnel and the ability to save a life.

K12-FD Rescue Saw

The K-12 FD saw was designed to satisfy every demand made by the Fire Service for multi-purpose rescue saws.

Power, lightweight, perfect ergonomics in a compact package, combined with the latest technological advances, including a decompression valve that reduces starter “pull force” by 50% resulting in a saw that is safe and easy to carry, start and use by both male and female emergency service personnel.

Without a doubt the TEAM/HUSQVARNA K-12 FD Fire Rescue saw is the best all around primary rescue saw ever introduced and will be the rescue saw of choice for the emergency service for years to come.