About Hurst Jaws Of Life

Over 45 years ago, Hurst patented the first-ever rescue tool system, and they haven’t stopped innovating since then. They are committed to research and development, along with quality manufacturing which has resulted in a line of products known for their outstanding safety, durability and performance. Because of this commitment, HURST Jaws of Life® is the most trusted brand in the industry, and our rescue systems have been instrumental in saving hundreds of thousands of lives throughout those 45 years. 

Featured Product Categories

E3 Connect

“E3 CONNECT brings firefighters the speed, power and performance they’ve come to expect from HURST Jaws of Life extrication tools, plus helps fire departments avoid tool downtime,” said Britt Hawkins, marketing manager for HURST Jaws of Life. “Tool use documentation is automatic with E3 CONNECT, reducing manual data entry, inspection time and potential downtime so rescue crews can be ready any time.”


This line of battery-powered rescue tools has once again put us light-years ahead of the competition. They require no hoses and no power unit. And because these tools are stronger, smaller and lighter, they’re quicker than ever to the rescue.

10,000 psi

The 10,000 PSI line of tools includes the strongest cutter manufactured today: the S 700. Plus, these high-pressure rescue tools are built a bit lighter and are faster to the point of resistance.