Hurst Repair Form

The following parts, labor and adjustments will be replaced, repaired or performed as needed and are covered by this agreement:


Check tightening 


New Hydraulic Fluid 


Pump Pressure adjustments 
Spark plug (Changed) 


Air Filter Cleaned  Carburetor adjustments 
Clean, Lube, Decals 


Muffler Screen (cleaned if necessary)   

Available parts in stock for purchase upon request:

Engine or Motor assembly  Pump assembly  Auto Tips & Retaining pin  Reservoir Plug & Breather  Tool Housing  Cutter Blades 
Roll Cage and Attached Parts  Automotive Parts  Hose Couplings (Quick)  Grab hooks Reservoir  Chain and Shackles Reservoir  Auto Tips & Retaining Pin 
Hoses  Muffler  Tool Arms  Control Valves  Tool Housing  Gas tank 

Please fill out the form below.