About Akron Brass

Since its inception in 1918, Akron Brass has been an industry leader in handline nozzles, monitors and valves, but the company has evolved into so much more. With a focus on innovation, Akron Brass leads fire fighting equipment suppliers in developing products suitable for unique applications such as de-icing, equipment wash-down, and more.

In addition, the Weldon division of Akron Brass provides a complete offering of lighting devices and customized electrical control solutions for specialty vehicle markets. From warning lights to multiplexing, Akron Brass’s Weldon division offers cutting-edge design and manufacturing.

Featured Products

Mid-Range Assault Handline Nozzle


  • Excellent stream performance at pressures as low as 50 psi
  • Quarter turn from straight stream to wide fog
  • No re-calibration required
  • Raised lug marks straight stream for limited visibility operations
  • Improved handle with extra room for 1-3/4″ hose
  • New snap-on color clips for pistol grip and shutoff handle
  • Tough, black nozzle body hard coat
  • Pattern Identification
  • Larger easy to read labels
  • Comes with removable Pistol Grip
  • Compatible with Quick-Attack Foam Tube Style 796
  • Replacement for style 4862 Assault nozzle


  • 1 1/2″ (38 mm) full-time Swivel Inlet standard
  • 9″ (222 mm) long
  • 4.25 lbs. (1.9 kg)

ProVenger Handline Nozzle

The ProVenger integrates quality stream performance with basic flow and pressure options. Take this selectable gallonage handline nozzle from straight stream to wide fog with just a quarter turn bumper adjustment.


  • Great stream performance
  • Affordably priced
  • Standard swivel Inlet 1 1/2″ NH (38 mm)
  • 30-60-95-125-150 GPM (115-230-360-475-550 lpm) @ 100 PSI (7 bar)
  • Simple to operate pattern control (1/4 turn from straight stream to fog)
  • Raised lug marks straight stream for limited visibility operations
  • NFPA 1964, FM approved and EN-15182

Nozzle Pistol Grip Replacement Kit with Hardware & Color Clips

Pistol Grip kit replaces damaged or missing pistol grips on Akron Brass shutoffs and nozzles.  The kit includes the screw hardware to fasten it to the shutoff as well as the adapter for older style shutoff bodies and the color clips to help with identification.


  • Redesigned ergonomic handle
  • Includes screw, washer & lock washer
  • Includes adapter plate for old shutoff bodies with slots for pistol grip
  • Commonly used with shutoffs, 1″, 1.5″ and 2.5″ handline nozzles
  • Easy to service & repair
  • Color Clips included: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & White

Small Handle Replacement Nozzle Kit with Roll Pins and Color Clips

Handle kit replaces damaged or missing shutoff handles on Akron Brass shutoffs & nozzles with a 3/8″ square trunnion.  The kit includes the roll pins to fasten it to the shutoff as well as the color clips to help with identification.


  • Redesigned ergonomic handle
  • Smaller size fits 3/8″ trunnions
  • Commonly used with shutoffs with 1″ waterway, 1″ nozzles and 30-125gpm Turbojet nozzles
  • Easy to service & repair
  • Color Clips included: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & White
  • Patent Pending

Shutoff with Pistol Grip and Straight Tip

Blitz Tips, Pyrolite shutoff with pistol grip and straight tip for high volume low pressure operations with a smooth bore nozzle. Nearly 400 gpm at 50 psi.

15/16" Smooth Bore Nozzle Tip with 1.5" inlet

  • 1 1/2″ (38 mm) Plain Tip, Pyrolite finish for a smooth bore nozzle.
  • 1 3/8″ (35 mm) standard orifice with 15/16″ Tip
  • Tip is 5″ (127 mm) in length.

Forestry Handline Nozzle

Small lightweight nozzle designed for the rugged simplicity needed for forestry / wildland applications and any application where low flow is necessary. A dual flow adjustable pattern nozzle with a simple twist operation allows you to switch to various settings.

  • Off
  • 10 gpm/40 lpm straight stream
  • 10 gpm/40 lpm narrow fog
  • 30 gpm/115 lpm straight stream
  • 30 gpm/115 lpm narrow fog

Replacement for style 1700 Aussie Bush Nozzle

Revolution Intake Valve (Straight Inlet)

The Revolution intake valve features a unique, patent-pending handwheel design. It provides the operator with increased control and leverage for a smooth and easy operating experience. This innovative valve is constructed of corrosion-resistant, hard-anodized aluminum and stainless steel with a powder-coated interior and exterior finish for superior corrosion protection. 

Compact Design
This Akron Brass intake valve has a compact design that saves valuable space on your pump panel and improves efficiency for your whole team. The Revolution’s innovative handwheel design hugs tightly to the fire intake valve body eliminates possible interference with surrounding discharges and equipment on the pump panel. 


  • Flows capable of up to 2000 GPM (7600 LPM).
  • Straight inlet (7983) 
  • Optional Storz cap and chain 
  • Field adjustable relief valve between 50–250 psi (requires 7/8” wrench to adjust).  Includes 1 ½” NPT female thread so the hose can be connected to redirect water to a desirable location 
  • Quick turn Bleeder valve operation – vents into relief discharge 
  • Built-in open/close position indicator on top of valve 
  • All intake valve parts that stay in contact with water are constructed of stainless steel 
  • Field-serviceable design 
  • NFPA 1901 compliant 
  • 10-year, heavy-duty warranty against manufacturing defects and corrosion* 


  • 4”-6” Inlet options (threaded or storz) 
  • 5”-6” long handle or rocker lug outlet options (long handle only available on 6″) 
  • Style 7983 – 12.5” x 14” x 12.75”  (318mm x 356mm x 324mm) 
  • Pressure relief adjustable between 50-250psi 
  • 250 psi operating pressure 
  • 7psi friction loss @ 2000gpm 
  • 38 lbs (18.1 kg) 

Leader Line Wye

For splitting one line into two. Used at the fire scene to split an attack line into two and increase operational effectiveness. Features self-locking Tork-Lok handles for positive handle positioning and easy adjustment

4-Way Hydrant Valve

This hydrant valve allows you to provide water to the fire at hydrant pressure, while waiting for a second pumper to hook up and increase flow and pressure. 

  • Flow efficient 31/2” waterway
  • 75 psi maximum pressure differential during changeover
  •  300 psi maximum operating pressure
  • 1000 GPM maximum flow when changing ball position

2 1/2'' Hydrant Valve

2-1/2″ Hydrant Valve. These full flow hydrant valves come with a Tork-Lok handle for more positive handle positioning. Adapter easily removed for seat adjustment. Pyrolite construction

Clapper Valve Siamese

A Pyrolite Clapper Siamese with female inlets and male outlet. Includes a Style 4 Drainit drain valve and a rubber carrying handle.

2" Generation II Swing-Out Valve (Body Only) with stainless ball

Self-locking heavy-duty valve with a stainless steel ball designed for the harsh realities of today’s fire service when water contaminants challenge a valve’s sealing capabilities. Apparatus valves like this one feature the following:
– A single valve body that will accept a variety of actuators
– HydroMax TM technology: A patented ball geometry providing performance never seen before in swing-out valves

– 2″ waterway
– Self-Locking valve
– 316 stainless steel ball with Hydromax technology
– High quality brass body
– Improve sealing & increased gating ability
– Flow optimization reduces turbulence while in the gated position and requires lower operating forces
– No lubrication or regular maintenance required
– Simple two-seated design (no O-Rings to cut or lose during assembly or maintenance)
– Wide range of available adapters
– Designed and tested to exceed NFPA requirements

Butterfly Valve

4” full flow waterway. Operates to 250 psi and meets NFPA 1901 Standard for opening and closing speed when used with Gear, Air or Electric actuators. Manual quarter-turn handle is available for dump valve applications.