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The SP 333E2 eDRAULIC® spreader is 12% lighter, yet 20% more powerful than its predecessor.

It’s one of the strongest and most compact portable spreaders on the market. The SP 333E2 has squeezing plates built into the arms and “Shark Tooth” removable tips with a stubborn, unstoppable bite that won’t slip. Its li-ion eDRAULIC battery keeps its charge, so you’re never left without the power of this heroic tool at the wrong moment.

•  Increased power — 20% stronger than its predecessor
•  Squeezing plates built into the arms
•  “Shark Tooth” removable tips offer multifunctional design, with four rows of shark-like teeth for maximum performance and gripping
•  Each tool comes with two li-Ion rechargeable batteries and one charger
•  Plug it in for unstoppable power with a 110v adaptor

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