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Forcible Entry

PARATECH Airgun 40 PARATECH Airgun 40
A 600 blow per minute, 7 pound pneumatic impact tool. Combining ease of handling, very low air consumption and high power output, it is an ideal tool for rescue work. Vehicle crash sites, metal cla...
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PARATECH Pakhammer 90 PARATECH Pakhammer 90
A 600-720 blow per minute, 11 pound pneumatic impact tool that dramatically increases the range of forcible entry and rescue work initial responding units can handle without calling up heavy equipme...
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PARATECH Hooligan Tool PARATECH Hooligan Tool
Standard Claw with Electroless Nickel Finish The Paratech Hooligan Tool has set the standard of excellence for Halligan type tools. Now available with a machined alloy shaft for lighter weight, the...
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K12-FD Rescue Saw K12-FD Rescue Saw
The K-12 FD saw was designed to satisfy every demand made by the Fire Service for multi-purpose rescue saws. Power, lightweight, perfect ergonomics in a compact package, combined with the latest te...
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