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eDRAULIC™ R421E2 Ram eDRAULIC™ R421E2 Ram
Extends up to 53” The R 421E2 is the industry’s only battery-powered telescopic rescue ram. And while it is extremely compact, it offers enough strength to pack a powerful wallop. The newly...
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eDRAULIC™ SC757E2 Combi Tool eDRAULIC™ SC757E2 Combi Tool
The SC 757E2 combi tool is the single most powerful battery-powered combination tool on the rescue market. And that’s only half the story, because it also has the largest spread and best cut rating...
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eDRAULIC™ SP555E2 Spreader eDRAULIC™ SP555E2 Spreader
The spreader that weighs less but gives you so much more. Our new eDRAULIC® spreader is 16% lighter and still gives you 14% more power than its predecessor. You can get the job done and make the r...
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eDRAULIC™ SP777E2 Spreader eDRAULIC™ SP777E2 Spreader
The most powerful 32-inch battery-powered spreader on the market. With its single integrated cylinder body design and “Shark Tooth” removable tips that bite and hold onto any material, the SP ...
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eDRAULIC™ SP333E2 Spreader eDRAULIC™ SP333E2 Spreader
The SP 333E2 eDRAULIC® spreader is 12% lighter, yet 20% more powerful than its predecessor. It’s one of the strongest and most compact portable spreaders on the market. The SP 333E2 has squeezin...
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eDRAULIC™ S799E2 Cutter eDRAULIC™ S799E2 Cutter
The best rescue cutter ever designed. This eDRAULIC® cutter can’t wait to get its blades around today’s bigger, stronger, meaner steel with an 8.03-inch opening. It has no problems with modern...
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eDRAULIC™ S788E2 Cutter eDRAULIC™ S788E2 Cutter
This cutter can get its jaws around just about anything. With a 7.87-inch opening, it can cut through current vehicle construction as well as future construction with ease. The perfect hero for any...
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eDRAULIC™ S377E2 Cutter eDRAULIC™ S377E2 Cutter
The large blade opening gives this cutter quite a bite. The S 377E2 conveniently rips through metal and gives you a huge edge in extrications. Move over competition, or you’ll get hurt. •...
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eDRAULIC™ R422E2 Ram eDRAULIC™ R422E2 Ram
The R 422E2 Ram is our new, improved battery-powered telescopic rescue ram. With an extended length of 59.1 inches, this tool can give you room to spare. It has sharp claws at both ends that rotate...
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